Excellent Opportunities for KSA Parking industry
  • $22.5 Billion Riyadh Metro project will build 85 stations throughout the city and encourage citizens to park-and-ride
  • $10.5 Billion to expand major airports around the KSA which will increase the capacity of airport terminals and parking facilities
  • 105 pay-and-park areas have recently been opened in Jeddah - Jeddah municipality with the cooperation of Jeddah Development and Urban Regeneration Company (JDURC) has introduced the paid parking system. In addition to the implementation and development of the infrastructure for about 8,000 parking lots in downtown Jeddah, Jeddah municipality is still increasing the number of parking lots
  • Metro Jeddah Company - Park & Ride scheme to encourage public mass transit use and will be a new lifeline to the city
  • The Grand Mosque of Makkah and The Prophet’s Mosque at Al-Madinah will be upgraded to have more parking spaces for worshipers to be able to handle the ever-growing numbers
  • The Heart of Jeddah project will radically change the Jeddah city centre making it more accessible to hundreds and include better parking facilities 
  • Two new paid parking schemes under the King Fahad bridge for 649 vehicles and at Makhzoumi Road toward Makkah road for 492 cars have recently been opened and there is a constant need for more spaces.