About the 3rd Annual Smart Parking KSA Conference

With the massive growth in car ownership in Saudi Arabia, due to the growing population of Millennials and recent regulations for female drivers, traffic and limited parking have become a growing concern. This demand for increased parking facilities requires careful urban master-planning and design, but new technologies also offer opportunities for better management, optimization and revenue generation.

To improve and optimise their parking facilities and share the latest opportunity and development of parking in Saudi Arabia, key government stakeholders are investing heavily in the sector and collaborating with building owners, community managers, and other car park operators.

The greatly successful 2nd Annual Smart Parking KSA 2017 was endorsed by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (MOMRA) and supported by the Jeddah Development and Urban Regeneration Company (JDURC) as well as the General Authority for Civil Aviation (GACA). The event brought together key government decision-makers, International thought-leaders, regional trail-blazers and innovative technology and solution providers to discuss the projects in the pipeline and how to utilise new technology and advanced design strategies in parking.

After the great success of the second edition, the 3rd Annual Smart Parking KSA is taking place in November 2019 as part of the Future Community & City Infrastructure Congress. The event highlights the strategies and plans for designing, constructing, refurbishing, operating and maintaining effective parking and transportation solutions in the Kingdom.

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Topic Highlights

  • DEVELOPING Smart Parking and Intelligent Transportation
  • AUTOMATIC Parking Systems
  • PARKING for Electric and Autonomous Vehicles
  • FUTURE of Parking in Smart Cities
  • SMART Urban and Municipal services
  • AUTOMATING and integrating urban services Managing water drainage and stormwater remotely

Top reason to attend

  • C-LEVEL panel discussion on the future plans for the top developments in the Kingdom
  • FOCUSING on parking and transportation best-practices and solutions to increase efficiency and achieve Saudi Vision 2030
  • EXPLORING potential Public Private Partnerships with Real Estate Developers to create infrastructure that can make use of the latest technologies and parking methodology
  • EVALUATING the potential impact of replacing standard solutions with smart and automated solutions – presenting an impact assessment with cost saving analysis

Who You Will Meet



Target sectors Job titles

Key Governmental takeholders:

  • Government Ministries & Agencies
  • Federal Authorities
  • Local Municipalities
  • Executive Director
  • Infrastructure Director
  • Head of Urban Planning
  • Head of Master Planning
  • Head of Parking and Transport
  • Technical Director
Real Estate Developers
  • CEO
  • Managing Director
  • General Manager
  • Head of Master Planning
  • Head of Architecture
  • Head of Urban Development
  • Head of Design
Design & Engineering Consultants
  • Head of Infrastructure
  • Head of Urban Planning
  • Head of Master Planning
  • Head of Parking and Transport
  • Technical Director
International Associations and Academia
  • Chairman
  • Presidents
  • Founders


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Call for papers are now open

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